Local Government Administration Series

lga publicationThis paper series, launched in 2016, will explore the structure, function and effectiveness of regional government.  Reform of local government structure is a chronic public policy issue nationally, and periodically becomes an epidemic in the St. Louis Metro Area.  To address this, PPRC is committed to an evidence-based discussion, from a variety of perspectives, of local government reform processes and outcomes.  The Local Government Administration papers series will be an ongoing initiative, providing informed research and commentary to enable informed discussion of the options for St. Louis.

The Governor in Governance: Keeping the Pace (Issue 3), by Mark Tranel, Director, PPRC, published March 2017  »Download

More Municipalities = Less Municipal $pending? (Issue 2), by James Brasfield and E Terrence Jones, published October 2016 »Download

Case Study Comparing St. Louis and Indianapolis Local Government Structures (Issue 1), by Mark Tranel, orginally published in 2015 and updated for the Local Government Administration series in 2017 »Download