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Missouri Civic Health Index

 Missouri Civic Health Index

Mo Civic Health Report

>Download the full report here.

PPRC, in collaboration with Missouri State University, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the Hauptmann School of Public Affairs at Park University, the Center for Service and Community Engagement at Saint Louis University, Washington University, and the National Conference on Citizenship, compiled this comprehensive report on the state of civic health in Missouri.  Using data from the US Census Bureau’s annual Current Population Survey, the report examines the civic health of the state of Missouri, as well as its two largest metropolitan areas, Kansas City and St. Louis. Civic health is measured using four broad categories, each of which contains multiple indicators.  The four areas are: social capital; non-political civic participation; electoral and non-electoral political participation; and confidence in institutions. Below is a brief overview of some of the most significant findings for the state for each category in 2012. More detailed information on the trends for each category for the state,
Kansas City, and St. Louis are discussed within the report.

Social Capital

Non-Political Civic Participation

Electoral and Non-Electoral Political Participation

Confidence in Institutions

>>Download the full report here.

Mo Civic Health Report Cover