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PPRC Director Mark Tranel's Essay on Poor Education

The newest edition of St. Louis Currents features an essay written by PPRC's Mark Tranel, about education trends for kids living at poverty level.  Learn more.

Property Pile-up Post Housing Crisis

PPRC's Todd Swanstrom was quoted in an STL Today article about the pile up of properties in St. Louis following the housing crisis. Read the article.

New on Metropolitan Mirror: Opportunity Through Public Investments

Recent policy changes by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) could be a powerful impetus to evaluate how public investments in affordable housing are furthering, or limiting, equity in the St. Louis region.  A prelude to understanding this is to understand our region’s current pattern of public investments. Findings are detailed in this Metropolitan Mirror release. » Read it here (PDF 2.4MB).

New Publication: Critical Issues Analysis

What were the teachers’ reactions to the school transfer program in St. Louis?  Did teachers in different settings react differently to the policy-driven program?  Did teachers’ attitudes toward the policy itself make a difference in their workplace attitudes? Deborah Balser has written an analysis.  Read the Executive Summary (PDF 195KB). 

Eliminating Racial Income Gaps Would Boost the St. Louis Economy by $14 billion

The Public Policy Research Center has compiled An Equity Assessment of the St. Louis Region. This report examines an array of economic and social indicators that include income, education, job and GDP growth, and housing conditions.  »Learn more

Fragmented by Design - now available digitally

Political scientist Terry Jones has often been asked why St. Louis has so many governments. He wrote a book to explore the question and its many answers.  Available digitally here only. »Download now (6.4MB)

Enhancing Community Development Capacity of Nonprofits in the St. Louis Region
A study released by PPRC looks at survey results from 34 nonprofit organizations across the St. Louis region and offers an analysis of the successes, challenges and needs of these organizations as they work to create whole communities. Learn more and read the report.

PPRC Report Looks at How Missouri Stacks Up
A  PPRC report, titled Missouri's Economic and Governmental Status Across States and Over Time: A Comparison Guide, ranks Missouri nationally across major economic and governmental dimensions. Prepared by Don Phares, a PPRC faculty fellow and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the report shows Missouri's ranking across all 50 states and also its percentage of the national-average over a time period that, for many factors, goes back as far as 1970. Read the report (PDF 838KB).

PPRC's Todd Swanstrom Co-authors National Report on How Cities Respond to Foreclosures
The Building Resilient Regions Network, funded by the MacArthur Foundation through the University of California at Berkeley, is developing applied knowledge about how regions can be resilient in the face of significant challenges, such as foreclosures, rapid immigration and economic restructuring. As a part of this research, E. Des Lee Endowed Professor Todd Swanstrom co-authored a report with the National League of Cities. Titled , "Resilience in the Face of Foreclosures: Lessons from Local and Regional Practice (PDF 537KB), it explores the ways that cities and counties are successfully responding to the continued challenges caused by foreclosure.