This page contains links to publications by staff in the Research Division. The majority of the projects that the Research Unit undertakes are through contracts with government, private and nonprofit organizations. Most of the products of this unit's research are the proprietary property of the contracting agency, and therefore cannot be offered on our webpage. Some of the other research products include:

  • "Sustaining Homeownership Among Low- Moderate-Income Homebuyers: An Explanatory Analysis of the Role of Counseling," by Mark Tranel and William Winter PDF
    Please note that this report was prepared by PPRC and does not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • "The Missouri Structural Budget Crisis", a Policy Brief by Mark Tranel PDF
  • "The Economy of Metropolitan St. Louis" by Mark Tranel PDF
  • "Concentration on city loss obscures a regional problem," by Mark Tranel PDF
  • "A research study conducted by Mark Tranel examines the impact of community gardens on their surrounding neighborhoods." View Applied Research Presentaion here
  • "Lambert Airport Governance: The Benefits and Detriments of Regional Control", by Mark Tranel and Jeff Roorda PDF