Applied Research

The Applied Research unit is a multi-disciplinary public policy research unit. The Research unit's mission is to promote and provide exceptional research on significant public policy issues and to disseminate the findings widely -- to students, scholars, policymakers, and community members. The Research Division accomplishes this utilizing a variety of methodologies which are aimed at gathering demographic, population, economic and behavioral data.

The Research unit provides scientific research and evaluation services to both public and private sponsors including various federal, regional, state, and community agencies actively engaged in determining public policy. The Research Division has the analytical capacity to address a wide range of policy research issues.

PPRC's Research unit offers the following services:

  • Survey Research … This includes telephone, in-person and mail response surveys. The Division also utilizes focus groups to quantify public opinion or the perception of targeted groups regarding the development or delivery of public programs. Some of the issues that the Research Division works with include public transportation, development, green spaces, and tax initiatives. Services in this category include questionnaire design, fieldwork, data analysis and reporting.
  • Evaluation Research … The Research Division's interdisciplinary staff is committed to applying their capabilities to our region's most difficult issues. For projects that require a comprehensive approach, the team provides services that include needs assessments; and designing quantitative and qualitative research projects to measure the output, outcome and impact of public programs in a wide variety of cultural contexts.
  • Special Projects … The Research Division undertakes special projects to meet the particular needs of regional decision makers. Some of these special initiatives include data collection and analysis, identification of best practices, preparation of comparative information, and the utilization of a wide variety of methodologies in order to provide timely public policy research.