Faculty Partnerships

The Public Policy Research Center has a long history of partnering with UM-St. Louis faculty in support of research that helps shape our community. Over the years the PPRC has worked closely with professors through Faculty Fellowships, and faculty from a broad range of disciplines have collaborated with PPRC staff on our own research projects. These disciplines include Business Administration, the Center for Business and Industrial Studies, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, History, the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program, Political Science, Local Government Partnerships, and the Center for Transportation Studies. Likewise, faculty from various disciplines has provided support and expertise to PPRC's research projects. Examples of collaborative work include archaeological digs in Old North St. Louis; assessments of polling places in the St. Louis area; historic preservation in Lewis Place; and a study on the role of churches in community development.

There are three primary focuses for PPRC's faculty collaborations:

Faculty Fellows Program
Recently the Faculty Fellows program was restructured, and in Spring 2007, the Public Policy Administration department was awarded a PPRC fellowship for an interdisciplinary project that examines low-income and minority homeownership in St. Louis City and County. The project, housed in Public Policy Administration, calls upon faculty expertise across a number of disciplines, including public policy, political science, economics, nonprofit management and GIS. The study also utilized the students enrolled in the PPA Evaluation Research course during the Spring 2007 semester. Twenty students participated, collecting and analyzing data. Learn more about this project.

PPRC/PPA Collaboration
The Director of the Public Policy Research Center, the Director of Public Policy Administration (PPA), the Director of the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program, and the Director of the Local Government Partnership meet regularly to coordinate the activities of their programs and to develop new initiatives for engaging faculty, students and the community.

Research Partnerships
PPRC works with faculty across all university disciplines. In some cases, PPRC acts as the external evaluator on sponsored research projects for which the faculty member is a principal investigator. In other projects, faculty members act as consultants to PPRC and provide expertise to PPRC's research. See a list of current research partnerships.