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a St. Louis Plans:
The Ideal and the Real
St. Louis

edited by Mark Tranel, Ph.D.

Book Contents:

Book Outline


"St. Louis Plans - The Arch as Metaphor", by Mark Tranel, Director of the Public Policy Research Center at University of Missouri-St. Louis

Section I:Regional Plans

"The 1907 Civic League Plan", by Mark Abbott, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Urban Specializations at Harris Stowe State University.

"The Board of Freeholders Process" by Don Phares, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Public Policy Administration at University of Missouri - St. Louis

"Civic Planning in St. Louis: The Case of St. Louis 2004" by Will Winter, Research Analyst at the Public olicy Research Center, University of Missouri- St. Louis

Section II: Local Plans

"The 1947 Comprehensive City Plan and Harland Bartholomew's St. Louis" by Mark Abbott, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Urban Specializations at Harris Stowe State University

"Planning Since the 1970s in the City of St. Louis" by Charlie Kindleberger, former Director of Research at the Planning and Urban Design Agency of the City of St. Louis

"Harland Bartholomew: A City Engineer", by Joseph Heathcott, Assistant Professor of American Studies, Saint Louis University

"Ahead of the Curve? Planning in St. Louis County, 1930-2000" by E. Terrence Jones, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Administration, University of Missouri -- St. Louis

Section III: Sector Plans

"Economic Development Planning in Metropolitan St. Louis", by Robert Lewis, President of Development Strategies, Inc.

"Aspects of Educational Planning for Public Schools in St. Louis County", by Carole Murphy, Associate Professor and Chairperson of the Division of Educational Leadership and policy Studies in the College of Education, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Helene Sherman, Professor and Associate Dean for undergraduate education in the College of Education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis; Chris Wright, Superintendent, Hazelwood School District; and Diana Bourisaw, Superintendent of the St. Louis Public Schools

"Pursuing an Elusive End: Highway and Transit Planning in St. Louis", by Jerry Blair, Director of Transportation at East-West Gateway Council of Governments

"Social Planning in the St. Louis Region" by Richard Patton, Director of Vision for Children at Risk

"The Challenges to Workforce Development Planning in Post-War St. Louis", by David Laslo, Director of MIDAS at the Public Policy Research Center, University of Missouri-St. Louis