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Welcome to the Governance section of Metropolitan Mirror: Facts and Trends Reflecting the Metropolitan Region. The Governance section presents a variety of municipal and regional documents, including city budgets, charters and other resources. It is divided into two categories of data: City/County Government Data (below) and Other Governance Documents.


City/County Government Data

While there have been a number of attempts to redress the vote taken 135 years ago by the citizens of the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County to establish a separate county government coterminous with the boundaries of the City of St. Louis, none have been successful. As the second decade of the 21st Century begins, the issue is once again being considered for action. This page of PPRC's Metropolitan Mirror provides a number of information resources on this issue.

Policy Brief 25 - Reconciling the Great Divorce: The City of St. Louis Reentering St. Louis County
The reentry issue has become a defining one in the St. Louis Metro area dialogue. This policy brief explores the issues that must be considered before reentry can occur. Download Policy Brief

Governance Resources:

Budgets Charters Constitutions and Amendments
Government Organizational Charts Other Resources



St. Louis City Adopted Budget, 2011 View

St. Louis County Adopted Budget, 2010 View

City Charters

St. Louis City Charter Download

St. Louis County Charter Download

Constitutions and Amendments

Missouri Constitution:
Article VI, Sections 30(a) & (b) CITY AND COUNTY OF ST. LOUIS and Sections 31-33 CITY OF ST. LOUIS View

Government Organizational Charts

St. Louis City Organizational Chart View

St. Louis County Organizational Chart View

Other Resources

The Scheme of Separation Between St. Louis City and County, and the Charter of the City of St. Louis with all Amendments to August 1, 1888 Download