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Community History Research and Design Services

Why History? | Projects

St. Louis has a rich heritage in the history of its distinctive neighborhoods. The history of these communities shaped, and continues to shape, the present, and this is why its essential to understand and preserve that history. PPRC's Community History Research and Design unit does just that -- it helps communities rediscover their past in order to consciously direct the future.

The CHRDS program channels University resources - faculty expertise, student energy - to individuals and groups seeking stronger, richer communities through the practical application of historical research. Broadway and Chestnut streets in St> Louis, 1892. From the Streets and Neighborhood History book, published by CHRDSCHRDS also aims to enhance the educational experience of students at University of Missouri-St. Louis by providing them training through hands-on history projects. The core of the program revolves around collaboration between students and faculty in history, museology, and urban archaeology. What do we do?