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PPRC and Accreditation

The mission of the University of Missouri-St. Louis commits its faculty and staff to meeting the knowledge needs of metropolitan St. Louis and partnering with regional communities and institutions.

The Public Policy Research Center contributes to this mission by conducting applied research for the civic, nonprofit, and public sectors of the St. Louis area and the State of Missouri. Specifically, PPRC's role is in Criterion Five: Engagement and Service. By conducting applied research PPRC responds to the needs and expectations of its constituencies. PPRC has developed the capacity to conduct multi-disciplinary research using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. PPRC applies its expertise in service to faculty who initiate community-based projects as well as directly to community constituencies.

The following financial statement and project summary was included in the Program Audit report submitted in February 2008 for the Board of Curators review:

For the investment the University of Missouri-St. Louis makes in the Public Policy Research Center it receives direct and indirect returns. In financial terms for the $392,878 rate dollars allocated to PPRC in 2006-2007, it generated $150,559.57 in F&A funds, $85,885.60 of which was the University portion under the distribution formula used by the Office of Research Administration, a direct 'return' to the University of 21.8 percent of the rate dollars PPRC received. In addition in 2006-2007 with the $392,878 rate allocation PPRC received it generated $1,128,410 in grants and contracts for a direct value-added ratio of $2.87 for each rate dollar received from the University. Although it did not occur in the program year targeted for this report, the appointment of Todd Swanstrom to start August 15, 2008 as Des Lee Professor of Community Collaboration and Public Policy Administration should enhance these financial returns in the future, as well as in many other direct and indirect ways.

In the 2006-2007 fiscal year PPRC's Divisions completed the following projects and reports.